Snowy Dream Lake Engagement - Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Photographer

Estes Park, Colorado

I met Alecia and Jorge through my friend Alice (featured here on a snowy elopement shoot) and since they were recently engaged we decided to get together for an epic sunrise photoshoot in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Any couple that is willing to get up when it’s dark and hike in 20 degree weather are heroes in my book- and I was so excited that Alecia and Jorge were up for the adventure! Early spring in the mountains is still basically winter, but we made it to Dream Lake on our snowshoes and crampons.

The wind can be really unpredictable at that altitude, and as soon as we arrived we realized that it was going to be way too windy for any comfortable photos. I snapped a few of Alecia and Jorge laughing and cuddling and we quickly did an about-face to spot that was protected from the wind. I LOVE the views at this second spot and I just adore the photos we came away with.

Alecia and Jorge, thank you for the adventure! I loved exploring with you!

(Note: Photography within the National Park requires a CUA Permit, which you can find here. Please support our National Parks and photograph legally.)

Snowy view of Rocky Mountain National Park in Spring.
Dream Lake alpenglow at sunrise.
Snowy mountain engagement session in RMNP.
National Park Engagement Photos
Alecia and Jorge's snowy mountain engagement photoshoot.
Alecia and Jorge braved the cold for their adventure session!
Epic views in RMNP.
Jorge rocking the snowshoes in RMNP!
Romantic Nymph Lake photos.
The wind is intense at Nymph Lake!
Romantic Estes Park Engagement Session in the mountains.
Estes Park is the perfect wedding and elopement spot!
Rocky Mountain National Park Adventure.
Nymph and Dream Lake are snowy even in spring.
Romantic photo spots in Estes Park.