Loveland Pass Engagement Session - Colorado Wedding Photographer

Loveland Pass, Colorado

Meg and Ed braved the snow and cold for this gorgeous wintery mountain engagement session. I asked how they met and was so impressed with their love story!

Meg had moved to Alaska and starting dating Ed. However, Ed had just decided to embark on a working holiday Visa to New Zealand. Meg jokingly asked if she could come- and Ed said she should! Almost immediately the two were half way across the world exploring and adventuring together! How cool is that?
We traded New Zealand stories and had a blast playing with Juneau in the snow. Meg is an absolute boss for wearing this stunning red dress in the cold! We did lots of warm ups in the car- and I’d say it was worth it!

loveland pass wild earth weddings-9.jpg
loveland pass wild earth weddings-10.jpg
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